Solidarity. Sustainability. Work and output of creativity. Commitment.
AKRAT is a social cooperative where people from different backgrounds, educations and generations meet. Working places and integration for people in difficult or delicate situations. An alternative to consumerism. Being concretely sustainable. Solid handwork. That’s our basis.
You bring us your old furniture or fabrics or we come and pick it up. AKRAT’s unique series arise from “halfstuff”. What is not needed anymore will be disassembled in single parts and reassembled for a new life. We fix, assemble, create. With hands, heart and brain.
From old making new. AKRAT
Our meeting point is in Piazza Matteotti 2, in Bolzano. Office, storehouse, workshops, shop and more.
Mappa Akrat
To grow and bring forward this great project, we count on you! - people that believe in us and who fight together within this small but big challenge. Together we succeed in alimenting an alternative market, that brings us towards a better world of integration, solidarity and responsibility.
Multiple initiatives allow you to support us! The Project of Future Things(italian and german versions) or by joining us as a member of the cooperative (any deposited amount will be given back as soon as requested), call us for further informations, or even better if you pass by!
We are ever-looking for new exhibiting spaces, showrooms and resellers for our collection Akrat Officine (fabrics and furniture).
Possibly in a free location for monthly periods or more: in a central area or an interesting space, AKRAT is flexible, versatile and cool.
If you are interested and curious about our social cooperative, if you whish to put into play your time and abilities to help us reach our objectives, then don’t hesitate to contact us; we will be looking forward meeting you!
Write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and in the meanwhile follow us on facebook and instagram to be informed of the news and next events!
Remember AKRAT !
When in June every year you declare your income, add our tax code to the document: 02763760218
Thanks thousand times.

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